Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most asked questions. If you don't find answer to what you are looking for, please reach out to us and we are happy to help.


You can register easily by clicking on 'Add to Cart' and filling out the registration form. Online Payments can be made with Credit cards (Visa / MasterCard / Amex). You will receive a confirmation email once the registration goes through and payment has been received. Online payment ensures your spot is immediately reserved for you.
Yes we do. Please go through the registration process on the website, and choose Payment by Cash / eTransfer option and submit the form. We will reach out to you with information on how you can arrange payments. Please note, your spot is not confirmed until the payment has been received.
During checkout, there will be an option to enter your coupon if you have one.
We understand things happen and you might need to withdraw. Please reach out to us at We provide full refund (100%) for withdrawals until 25 Jun, 2019, partial refund (75%) until 5 July, 2019. No refunds thereafter.
We hate spam, just like you do. Any information we collect is only to assist with the program. This info will absolutely not be shared with others. Email is our primary mode of communication and phone numbers, secondary. Student Email address might be used to share reading materials & assignments or to login into their Student area to take assessments. We might use your email address to share any of our future programs with you. If you do not want to receive these emails, you can easily unsubscribe.
Our primary mode of communication is via Email, to reach out to participants to communicate about the program they signed up for.

We don't send too many Marketing emails. In case you'd like to unsubscribe from those, please click on the 'Unsubscribe' link in the email. Or you can reach out to us to be taken off our mailing list.

Program Information

Students are welcome to join us 30 mins earlier while we set up in the morning or stay 30 mins late until 4:30 pm. We do have a hard stop at 4:30 pm, but the Community Centre is available to the Students until 10 pm. There's no extra fees for early or late hours.
Absolutely! We believe we are all Work-In-Progresses! Each of us is at different phase in our Leadership journey. Some of us need more help than others, but even if we are ahead of the curve, there’s always opportunity for Growth.

As we often say, Good can be come Great, Great can become Excellent and Excellent can become Exceptional. No matter where you are in your Leadership journey, our program will take you to the next level.
Yes, Very much so!

Our program has been designed to help everyone move forward in their individual Leadership journey, regardless of where they are. We are big believers in equal opportunity and require equal participation from all students. And we use gentle persuasion techniques to influence each student to participate and give their best.
Yes, please do bring a nut free lunch, as the cafeteria at Community Centre will remain closed during summer.

Participants are allowed to eat inside the classroom or outside at the tables in the Community centre.
Participants will need a device to use certain Apps/Websites for Online polling, Assessment Quiz, Etc. So we ask all participants to bring their own devices – laptop, tablet or mobile (No video games allowed).

These digital activities will be less than 10% of program activity. Outside these activities, participants will be asked to put their devices away and will be allowed to use their BYOD during the early & late hours.
We will have a very limited number of devices to borrow - which is reserved for participants who do not have a device. If you do not have a device, please reach out to us with your order number to reserve one.

Please note: Devices will be reserved on a First-come-First-served basis.
Yes, The Community centre has free WI-FI for all to use.

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