“Anyone can become a leader. There's a leader in all of us, waiting to shine. We owe it to ourselves to become the best possible version of us to explore our maximum potential and reach maximum growth.”

Kavitha Aanand, Founder

Who We Are

Kavitha's background is in STEM & Finance and has worked in multiple countries across the globe in both Technology & Business where she has gained great Leadership experience. She is an active Toastmaster and is the upcoming Area Director for I-82 in District 60 starting July.

Kavitha is also a Corporate Trainer for The Humphrey group’s Taking the Stage’ Program® which is a ground-breaking Women-In-Leadership program that helps women develop the Confidence and Courage to be seen & heard as Leaders. Once a participant in this program, she was so taken by the impact it had on people that she signed up to become a trainer and has since taken this program to many women in her Corporate organization and has helped them accelerate their Career growth.

What People tell About us

Teachers can make or break a child’s keenness to learn, and in Kavitha’s case, her students stay constantly engaged, interested and enthusiastic till the very end simply because she is a fantastic teacher. She imparted great, crucial knowledge but made it all seem so easy and fun that my son came back from each class in high spirits.

She effectively managed people and tasks, but over and above that, she inspired people to change and become a more confident version of themselves. And, through it all, she planned each session meticulously and was also extremely communicative and approachable with parents, giving us schedules ahead of time and keeping channels of communication open throughout.

– Vidhya Kripashankar

Our Story

Kavitha is a natural Leader who has great pass to help people move forward in their Leadership journey. While mentoring her Colleagues at her Corporate company and in her Toastmaster clubs, she observed that some of the people she mentored, were extremely brilliant but didn’t have the Confidence, Courage or the Skills to pitch their ideas or themselves for higher positions in Corporate environments.

Her light bulb moment came in 2017 when she was a part of a Toastmasters’ Youth Leadership program (YLP) where she witnessed first hand, the evolution of a Shy kid into a Confident Speaker, who went on to win the first prize in a Speech contest! Now, what if those brilliant people we talked about earlier had access to these resources when they were in their formative years? Wouldn’t that been Life-Changing? In 2018, she lead a Toastmaster’s Youth Leadership program at Churchill Meadows Library and she put her own twist to it by changing the program format from being Instructive to Collaborative so the participants had more vested interest and could make the program truly theirs.

Her second light bulb moment happened when she discovered, to her surprise – Not only she had fun, she also had a natural ability to work with young people! And they blossomed under her tutelage! She now, wanted to do more Youth Leadership programs – and this time, with a wholesome approach to Leadership that focused – not just on Public Speaking skills but also on nourishing young minds so they can grow up mentally strong with a Growth Mindset – so they can be set for success!

This is how she ended up becoming the founder of YouthLeadershipClub.com and she hopes to reach a million kids or more in her lifetime.

Our Thoughts & Musings

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