Our Mission

We empower today's Youth to become tomorrow's Leaders by helping them cultivate Inner Strength & Growth Mindset & build well-rounded Leadership skills through Hands-on Experiential Learning.

Youth Leadership Summer Program

Interactive Workshops
Individual Speeches
Group Discussions
Invigorating Debates
Team Activities

What People Say About Us

I think my mantra for happiness as a parent is simple: When my child is happy and confident, I am happy. And that is exactly what happened ... My son, Vidyuth, went into the program because I told him it would benefit him, but he stayed in the program because he could see the benefits for himself, and he found himself enjoying the process of empowerment immensely.

_Vidhya Kripashankar,

The program was very useful because it taught me to speak confidently in front of people. It also helped me improve my speech-making skills, which will be very useful in my school projects and such. I felt that the program was well-organized and fun!


Teachers can make or break a child’s keenness to learn, and in Kavitha’s case, her students stay constantly engaged, interested and enthusiastic till the very end simply because she is a fantastic teacher. She imparted great, crucial knowledge but made it all seem so easy and fun that my son came back from each class in high spirits. She effectively managed people and tasks, but over and above that, she inspired people to change and become a more confident version of themselves.

_Vidhya Kripashankar,

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